Making a Difference in 2014!
     Curtis Byrd
                 For Santa Rosa City Council 2014
Curtis Byrd is an EXPERIENCED leader who will advocate for the entire community!

A champion for all Santa Rosans; an action leader--acting to strengthen the entire community through sustainable job creation, expansion of local businesses, attract new and relocating businesses, increase local tax revenues, decrease local government expenditures and promote an inclusive local community:

  • Champion Community Collaboration and Citizen Participation
 Seek wide spread public participation to draw upon the creativity, capacity of all citizens
 Advocate for full disclosure, transparent, open, and responsive government
 Advocate for annexation of Roseland
 Promote a greater understanding of issues through community engagement strategies

•   Champion Revitalizing our Local Economy
 Sustainable job creation (Living Wage)
 Expand local businesses
 Attract new and relocating businesses
 Increase tax revenues
 Decrease local government expenditure

  • Champion Essential Services 
 Promote creation of sustainable jobs
 Repair streets and roads
 Clean up code violations
 Restore green to all parks and seek solutions toward the future
 Provide lower-cost clean power to ratepayers

  • Champion Technology and Innovation
 Utilize technology to drive innovation and increase the capacity of the entire community
 Promote entrepreneurship and human development of all citizens

  • Champion on Environmental Quality
 Solicit “grassroots” ideas to green the city
 Solicit “grassroots” ideas to green the government
 Solicit best practices and recognize excellence in sustainable operations

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